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Fabrifoam Products

   - PSC
   - ElbowGard
   - ProWrap
   - Achilles Healer
   - MediWrap
   - AnkleGard
   - KneeGard
   - CarpalGard
   - PattStrap
   - WristWrap
   - AnkleWrap
   - SuperWrap
   - NuStimWrap


  • Relieves pain, discomfort associated with tennis elbow and swimmers arm.

  • Applies pressure on the extensor and flexor muscles, and absorbs vibrations to reduce the pain caused by traumatic injury.

  • Provides anatomical conformation and optimal compression, support, control and comfort. The device can hold soft tissue in place and still allow for proper circulation.

  • Lightweight and migration resistant, made of NuStimWrap, is easy to adjust with gradient pressure for constant support.

  ElbowGard   $17.85