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Fabrifoam Products

   - PSC
   - ElbowGard
   - ProWrap
   - Achilles Healer
   - MediWrap
   - AnkleGard
   - KneeGard
   - CarpalGard
   - PattStrap
   - WristWrap
   - AnkleWrap
   - SuperWrap
   - NuStimWrap

  • What is fabrifoam?
    Fabrifoam is a patented composite material combining an open celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam with selected high quality and specifically engineered fabrics.

  • What is fabrifoam used for?
    Fabrifoam is used by medical professionals including: Physicians, Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers to provide compression and support therapy to treat their patients soft tissue injuries.

  • What are the benefits of using fabrifoam?
    The properties of fabrifoam that are most beneficial are:

             - Breathable
             - Resists Migration
             - Optimizes Hot/Cold Therapy
             - Wicks away perspiration
             - Provides Maximum Compression
             - Infinitely Adjustable
             - Velcro Hook Receptive
             - Safe, Washable and highly durable.

  • How long has fabrifoam been available?
    Fabrifoam Products was incorporated in 1990 and the first products were made available to medical professionals in 1992

  • Where can I get fabrifoam Products?
    In many cases, your doctor, physical therapist, podiatrist or other medical professional will have Fabrifoam Products available through their office or clinic. You may also order Fabrifoam Products directly from us through our website or by calling us at 1-800-577-1077