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Fabrifoam Products

   - PSC
   - ElbowGard
   - ProWrap
   - Achilles Healer
   - MediWrap
   - AnkleGard
   - KneeGard
   - CarpalGard
   - PattStrap
   - WristWrap
   - AnkleWrap
   - SuperWrap
   - NuStimWrap

About Us

       Incorporated in 1990, Fabrifoam Products began manufacturing and distributing its' patented composite material (fabrifoam) in 1992. Fabrifoam Products provides compression and support therapy systems for positive patient outcomes.

Fabrifoam® was developed and patented by Applied Technology International, Ltd.

Fabrifoam® is a composite material combining an open celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam with selected high quality and specifically engineered fabrics. This unique composite was developed for use by various medical professionals, including, physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and related health care providers. fabrifoam® provides these highly qualified medical professionals with a wide assortment of superior compression/support therapy tools to treat discomfort related to soft tissue.

Features Include:

  • Breathable
  • Resists Migration
  • Optimizes Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Wicks Away Perspiration
  • Provides Maximum Compression
  • Infinitely Adjustable
  • Velcro® Hook Receptive
  • Safe, Washable & Durable

This extraordinary non-latex composite can be used safely and repeatedly to achieve optimal benefits when compression/support therapy is required

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